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Re: The Fame Claim List -was [wg-b] notification as compromise?

> They can't.  They can identify names which include terms which may lead to
> infringement.  The Muppets cannot register muppet.firm, muppets.firm,
> mupets.firm, mymuppets.firm, themuppets.firm, themupets.firm,
> the-muppets.firm, the-mupets.firm, muppet1.firm, muppetshow.firm,
> muppetmovie.firm, muppetsmovie.firm, muppetshop.firm, wwwmuppets.firm,
> wwwthemuppets.firm, muppet.biz, muppets.biz, mupets.biz, mymuppets.biz,
> themuppets.biz, themupets.biz, the-muppets.biz, the-mupets.biz,
> muppet1.biz, muppetshow.biz, muppetmovie.biz, muppetsmovie.biz,
> muppetshop.biz, wwwmuppets.biz, wwwthemuppets.biz, muppet.web, muppets.web,
> mupets.web, mymuppets.web, themuppets.web, themupets.web, the-muppets.web,
> the-mupets.web, muppet1.web, muppetshow.web, muppetmovie.web,
> muppetsmovie.web, muppetshop.web, wwwmuppets.web, wwwthemuppets.web,
> muppet.shop, muppets.shop, mupets.shop, mymuppets.shop, themuppets.shop,
> themupets.shop, the-muppets.shop, the-mupets.shop, muppet1.shop,
> muppetshow.shop, muppetmovie.shop, muppetsmovie.shop, muppetshop.shop,
> wwwmuppets.shop, wwwthemuppets.shop, on the first day that all these TLDs
> open.  They can put people on notice that names which include MUPPETS or
> MUPETS might infringe their rights.

i am likely wrong, but i thought the government already provided a service
which did essentially that.