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Re: [wg-b] Some additional questions

The exclusion process may well may be unfair - it just seems to me that it
may be as unfair to commercial operations such as old MacDonald's farm,
large businesses such as Old MacDonald's Agribusiness Inc. and
non-individuals such as the MacDonald's farm trade group, as it would be to
the three groups selected in the prior question.  I think we should focus
on whether the process is fair to all first.

So how about this question:

Is the process by which a (presumably prospective) DN owner challenges an
exclusion, more or less fair than the process by which a DN owner would
defend an "abusive registration" complaint?

If such a DN apsirant successfully challenges an exclusion, must that owner
then defend an "abusive registration" as well?  Is that fair?

p.s. I think Old MacDonald spelled his name differently than does the fast
food business.  Would this spelling be considered confusingly similar,

At 02:37 PM 8/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>> c) What are the concerns or dangers of adopting the WIPO Chapter 4
>>> proposals for the domain name activities of noncommercial, small business
>>> and individual domain name holders?
>> What is the underlying assumption that the concerns would be different to
>> these groups than they would be to other groups?
>probably somewhat analogous to that between commercial and non-commercial
>use of a trade mark.  also, why should a purveyor of grease have any more
>right to the name than a grower of genetically altered corn (old macdonald
>had a farm)?  :-)

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