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Roger Cochetti
Senior Vice President & Chief Policy Officer
(202) 973-6600

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Subject: NC-vote

DNSO election of ICANN Board member in 2002

The deadline to answer this ballot is 24 September, 14h00 UTC.
Please find all information on vote procedure at the following URL :

REQUEST: A motion is submitted for your consideration.
REQUEST: Please choose ONE of the three candidates nominated and endorsed.
REQUEST: Please mark your preference, using 'x'.

REQUEST: This ballot is From: '' -- please reply without CC
to any list.
IMPORTANT: Please do not strip ballot.
IMPORTANT: it  MUST start with line BEGIN: (do not edit BEGIN line).
IMPORTANT: it  MUST end   with line END__: (do not edit END__ line).
IMPORTANT: and MUST contain all lines in between.
 b11:Kca9eZ:[ ] Vivek Durai
 b11:Kca9eZ:[ ] Youn Jung Park
 b11:Kca9eZ:[X ] Alejandro Pisanty

You will receive an automated acknowledgement of your vote when it has been
        DNSO Voting Automaton (Powered by GVS)