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[council] ICANN Board election in 2001 - b01 results

9 September 2001
Montevideo, local time 9:00 (UTC-3)

These are the results of the first ballot in the election
to the ICANN Board position in 2001:
           11 Amadeu Abril i Abril
           10 Paul Kane

Script calculations are attached.
DNSO Secretariat

Ballot sent with       4 choices
           b01:[ ] Amadeu Abril i Abril
           b01:[ ] Paul Kane
           b01:[ ] Joanna Lane
           b01:[ ] Jefsey Morfin
Electorate of      21 persons, casting one vote each
Ballots received from      21 persons (sorted by arrival time)
           Greg Ruth
           Elisabeth Porteneuve
           Oscar Alejandro Robles Garay
           Cary Karp
           Peter de Blanc
           Grant Forsyth
           Philip Sheppard
           Antonio Harris
           Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales
           Youn Jung Park
           Milton Mueller PROXY (Youn Jung Park)
           Guillermo Carey
           Caroline Chicoine PROXY (Guillermo Carey)
           Axel Aus der Muhlen
           Roger Cochetti
           Erica Roberts
           Ken Stubbs
           Paul Kane PROXY (Roberto Laorden Castillo)
           Tony Holmes
           Richard Tindal
           Marilyn Cade
Casted votes (sorted by personal code)
           b01:K1648Z casted  1 votes
           b01:K1b85Z casted  1 votes
           b01:K1c4fZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K2b0cZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K42abZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K43ebZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K4bc1Z casted  1 votes
           b01:K4e88Z casted  1 votes
           b01:K5ed0Z casted  1 votes
           b01:K60ddZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K729aZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K7a92Z casted  1 votes
           b01:K7a9aZ casted  1 votes
           b01:K8cefZ casted  1 votes
           b01:Ka083Z casted  1 votes
           b01:Ka2b3Z casted  1 votes
           b01:Kb0b8Z casted  1 votes
           b01:Ke204Z casted  1 votes
           b01:Ke521Z casted  1 votes
           b01:Ke7dcZ casted  1 votes
           b01:Kff90Z casted  1 votes
Nb of casted votes      21
Vote results, full list:
(sorted by number of votes received, lowest first, alphabetical)
            0 Jefsey Morfin
            0 Joanna Lane
           10 Paul Kane
           11 Amadeu Abril i Abril
Nb of choices who received more than zero votes       2
(reverse order of votes received, highest first, reverse alphabetical)
           11 Amadeu Abril i Abril
           10 Paul Kane
Public results (sorted by personal code)
 b01:K1648Z:[x] Paul Kane
 b01:K1b85Z:[ x] Paul Kane 
 b01:K1c4fZ:[X ] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K2b0cZ:[X] Paul Kane
 b01:K42abZ:[x ] Paul Kane
 b01:K43ebZ:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K4bc1Z:[ X] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K4e88Z:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K5ed0Z:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K60ddZ:[X] Paul Kane
 b01:K729aZ:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K7a92Z:[X] Paul Kane
 b01:K7a9aZ:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:K8cefZ:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril 
 b01:Ka083Z:[X] Paul Kane
 b01:Ka2b3Z:[x] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:Kb0b8Z:[X] Paul Kane
 b01:Ke204Z:[X] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:Ke521Z:[XX ] Amadeu Abril i Abril
 b01:Ke7dcZ:[x] Paul Kane
 b01:Kff90Z:[ x] Paul Kane
The full record of votes will be disclosed after the closure.

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