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Re: b01-ICANN-Dir-election

>From: ncvote@dnso.org
>To: harris@cabase.org.ar
>Subject: b01-ICANN-Dir-election
>Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 22:19:15 +0200 (MET DST)
>REQUEST: This ballot is From: 'ncvote@dnso.org' -- please reply without CC to any list.
>REQUEST: Put 'x' between brackets face to your choice
>IMPORTANT: Please do not strip ballot,
>IMPORTANT: it MUST start with line BEGIN:
>IMPORTANT: it MUST end with line END__:
>IMPORTANT: and MUST contain all lines in between.
> BEGIN:b01:K1b85Z:Antonio_Harris:harris@cabase.org.ar:SVP-reply
> b01:K1b85Z:[ ] Amadeu Abril i Abril
> b01:K1b85Z:[ x] Paul Kane
> b01:K1b85Z:[ ] Joanna Lane
> b01:K1b85Z:[ ] Jefsey Morfin
> END__:b01:K1b85Z:Antonio_Harris:harris@cabase.org.ar:SVP-reply

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