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[vote02] RE: ICANN-Board-election

I've sorted the problem - if I hit the reply button and then put the 'x' in the box, it automatically includes my name in the box.  But if I put the 'x' in the box and then hit the reply button, there's no problem!


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Sent:	Friday, October 15, 1999 5:04 PM
To:	erica.roberts@melbourneit.com.au
Subject:	ICANN-Board-election

 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[x ] Karl_Auerbach (NorthA)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Jonathan_Cohen (NorthA)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Peter_Dengate-Thrush (AsiaPac)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] David_Maher (NorthA)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Naomasa_Maruyama (AsiaPac)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Nii_Quaynor (Africa)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Dan_Steinberg (NorthA)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Don_Telage (NorthA)
 b08:K9jyZ:Erica_Roberts_PROXY:[ ] Rick_White (NorthA)