DNSO General Assembly
RESULTS of the advisory vote by the GA to advise the Names Council of its preferences for a Chair and an Alternate Chair to the General Assembly

8 April 2001

RESULTS of the GA advisory Vote for Election of a Chair and an Alternate Chair to the General Assembly

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Fundamentals - Two Rules for votes by the GA:

  1. Voting Rules adopted by the GA on 6 July 2000:

  2. Election Rules (Instant Runoff) adopted by the GA on 23 March 2001:

Vote Tally:

  1. Electorate: 293 persons in Voting Roster, when the ballot was sent out

  2. Voted: 102

  3. Participation: 34.8%

  4. Vote results:

    The ranking by the GA of candidates for Chair and Alternate Chair in year 2001:

         1. Danny Younger
         2. Patrick Corliss

  5. Vote records:

    The calculations step by step using Instant Runoff Vote are published in:

Information from:
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