5 June 2001




The Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) Names Council is seeking to contract with an entity or entities to provide the following distinct but related services:

It is expected that a 12 month renewable contract will be developed to cover the above services.

Proposals must address the requirements for a Manager, Information and Technical Support Services as outlined below, and may optionally respond to the requirements for Internet services provision. DNSO reserves the option to accept either the full response in such cases or only the first part.

Responses must follow the response format provided. Quotations must be in United States dollars.



The DNSO is a global organisation and there is no geographical location requirement. However, the appointee will be required to operate on-line and must be able to establish and maintain good Internet and telephone connectivity.


The successful applicant will be required to work independently and report to the Chair of the DNSO Names Council or such designate as the chair may appoint from time to time. The contract and payments will be administered by ICANN acting on behalf of DNSO NC.


Contract Period

The intention is to make an appointment under a 12-month renewable consultancy contract, starting from July 2001. A review will be conducted after the first six months of the contract and at that point, if in the considered opinion of the Chair of the DNSO Names Council the performance of the contracted party has been unsatisfactory, DNSO reserves the right to cancel the contract without penalty.

Contract terms

The contract will be administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is located in the USA and is subject to USA laws governing contracts, insurance and liability issues. Contractual terms will be according to a standard form of ICANN contract.

All payments under the contract will be in US currency.

The contracted party will receive a fee for services and will be expected to manage their own office and equipment, and insurances including public liability. They will be a contracted party rather than an employee of either ICANN or DNSO NC.

Section One - Manager, Information and Technical Support Services

The DNSO Names Council is seeking to appoint an entity to act as its Manager, Information and Technical Services. It is envisaged that an individual will be nominated to provide these services and will develop an on-going relationship with the DNSO Names Council. It is likely that the Manager will be affiliated with an organisation already involved in either national or international Internet governance, or a participant in the ICANN process.

This is a new and challenging opportunity for a consultant experienced in working in an on-line environment to contribute to the development and administration of the domain name system.

Key Deliverables:

Services are normally to be delivered in an on-line environment and the successful applicant must be able to guarantee reliable Internet and telephonic connectivity. Key deliverables include:

The amount of time spent on the above tasks varies, but it is estimated that the above tasks require on average about 80 hours per month. It should be noted that the workload would tend to be higher around meeting times and during elections and the ability to scale up to meet peak work loads will be required. It should also be noted that travel may be required to international locations for the meetings held in conjunction with ICANN quarterly meetings. If such travel is requested by DNSO, DNSO will meet fares and accommodation costs additional to the quotation in this tender.

Applicants are invited to propose a costing structure which will enable the DNSO NC to accurately predict costs and ensure cost-effectiveness.

Section Two — Provision of Internet Services (optional)

Organisations that can provide these services are encouraged to respond to this section; however response is optional.

The following on line services must be provided on a 24X7 basis, and with full technical support. This may be a service provided directly by the contracting organisation, or via a sub-contract managed by the organisation.

        1. Website hosting
        2. E-mail service
        3. a secure FTP service
        4. Mailing lists service (including automated digesting and automated publishing in the web mailing lists archives, web access to Mailing List administration)
        5. Management of DNS service for domain dnso.org (Primary and Secondary DNS)
        6. Management of voting and use of voting software
        7. Technical Support (on hardware and software, including installing, setting-up, updating, correcting any technical problem, and security)

Current requirements are for a total mailing list population of less than 1000, and for maintenance of less than 10 separate mailing lists. However respondents are expected to quote on the basis of possible expansion to a mailing list population of 2000 and maintenance of 24 mailing lists.

Indicative Server Requirements for hosting DNSO Internet Services.

You must specify in your application if you will perform virtual hosting or will provide server hardware for exclusive hosting of DNSO Internet Services

Indicative Software requirements for hosting DNSO Internet Services.

NOTE 1: Latest versions of all software packages should be used unless there are justifiable reasons for doing otherwise.

Minimum Security requirements for server


Minimum Network Requirements



DNSO will predetermine detailed selection criteria and weightings for provision of these services before the close of tenders, and will select the most appropriate provider using these pre-determined weightings. Criteria may include, but may not be limited to:

In making its final decision, DNSO may request additional information from shortlisted applicants and may decide to request personal interviews.


Ian Peter and Associates Pty Ltd have been engaged by DNSO NC to manage this process. All correspondence and questions should be directed through them and by email as indicated below, and not through staff or office bearers of either ICANN or DNSO.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please email immediately to dnsorfp@icann.org and request a copy of the detailed response format. All respondents must complete the response format template to be considered.

Please provide basic email and personal contact details when applying for documentation, in case we need to follow up or provide further information as part of the process.

Proposals should be submitted by email, in the response format provided, to dnsorfp@icann.org and should be received no later than Wednesday, June 20 2001

Proposals received after that date may not be considered.

Requests for further information about the tender requirements may also be submitted by email to dnsorfp@icann.org. Please allow 24 hours for a response to queries raised. Questions proposed by you and our answers may also be circulated to other prospective tenderers with identifying elements removed so that all respondents are equally informed as regards requirements.

Further information on the DNSO and its activities can be found at http://www.icann.org/dnso/dnso.htm and http://www.dnso.org/

Further information about ICANN can be found at http://www.icann.org.