Summary of work of ICANNATLARGE.COM
group of individuals and its newly elected 11-members Panel

4 - 11 Aug 2002


  1. 11-members Panel elected

    The ICANNATLARGE.COM group of individuals (934 members) has elected its 11-members Panel, to serve for one year term.

    Announced 6 Aug 2002 by Alexander Svensson:

  2. 001 Housekeeping

    6 Aug 2002: Numbering and naming actions, first step to get organized.

    Methodology by Joanna lane:

  3. 002 Vote for Chair, then for Alternate

    8 Aug 2002: The 11-members Panel elected Joanna Lane as a Chair.
    Joanna Lane accepted to serve:

    9 Aug 2002: The 11-members Panel elected Hans Klein as an Alternate Chair.
    Hans Klein accepted to serve:

    No casting vote for a Chair

  4. 003 Working Groups - interim summary published

    10 Aug 2002: Summary published:

    6 WGs have been identified:

    1. Title: WG-ID
      TOR: Verification of member identity.

      • LANE: http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-discuss/0208/msg00085.html

        """ ICANN originally allowed individuals to register and vote in the elections of 2000, they then froze registration and refused to release the existing membership roster. Instead, they abandoned the concept of membership altogether, and next month, when the term of the current At Large Directors elected in 2000 is up, they do not plan to replace them, neither to hold any more direct elections, or allow membership of individuals in any shape or form.
        ICANNAtLarge.com has been set up by those of us who object to that plan. """

    2. Title: WG-WEB
      TOR: Website, Mailing List, Public interface in general.

      • LANE: Job description for the Webmaster: http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-discuss/0208/msg00038.html

        """ Develops and promotes the use of a "house style" (uniform fonts, icons, page format, document organization, etc) so that all site documentation presents a uniform look and feel; promotes the use of templates or other electronic aids to assist the organization's Members in preparing appropriately formatted HTML documents. """

    3. Title: WG-BYLAWS
      TOR: Drafting bylaws and other rules of organizational action constituted into a rule drafting committee. This will include rules governing panel deliberations and panel interaction with other organizations, rules governing work done by members or outsiders for this initiative and rules governing consultation of the general membership.

    4. Title: WG-OUTREACH
      TOR: Outreach co-ordination committee to help regional volunteers in materials and expertise for conducting outreach activities.

      TOR: Finance & Corporate Committee be constituted to examine the ways in which this organization and its chapters can be instituted and registered in various countries and to setup the procedure and mechanisms for fund-raising and financial accountability.

    6. Title: WG-ICANN
      TOR: Producing material for the policy process. Input to the ERC (in the next week) and to US DoC, which is reconsidering ICANN's MoU.

  5. 004 Policy Issues - ALOC

    To be or not to be (1) represented at ALOC, (2) as observer or advocate.
    To extend Sotiris Sotiropoulos mandate of observer at ALOC.
    To prepare documents for ICANN Executive Reform Committee.

  6. 005 Mission Statement, work underway

  7. 006 Deciding Name for Organisation, action completed ?

    10 Aug 2002: The name worldatlarge.org, which has been registered by Sotiris Sotiropulos, seems to get some significant support within the Panel and the whole group ICANNATLARGE.COM. This name have "atlarge" inside, but is different enough from confusing "at-large.org" which is felt as (mis)appropriation by another group to which the ICANNATLARGE.COM does not feel much sympathy.

    """ We should avoid dispersing our own energies too much. Let's keep the mission close to something like, "promote user representation and participation in DNS management and Internet governance." """

  8. 007 Best Practices, work underway

    """ What happens when there is a voting deadlock on the panel?

    It goes like this - the vote is only done to confirm what is already known, so if you have a vote and there is a deadlock, essentially, the Chair is not doing their job - it's called a "hurry up vote". In the unlikely event that it does arise, that is a clear indication that the Resolution wording is inappropriate and needs further debate.

    Do not mix polling with voting. Unofficial polls confirm the basis for an issue to go forward. Voting confirms the final result. Apples and oranges. """

Information from: ICANNATLARGE.COM