Judith Oppenheimer
Candidate in ICANNATLARGE.COM 11-members Panel Election July 2002

Judith Oppenheimer

Candidate Statement

Born December, 1954
New York, NY USA

I am publisher of http://ICBTollFreeNews.com and president of http://JudithOppenheimer.com.

I got involved in DNS matters because of correlating issues between and impacts of the numbering and naming space: who is in control, what are the policy ramifications, and where are the end user and small business on the food chain.

I've served on the TeleServices Industry Association's Legislative Action Committee and the Interactive Telephone Council; ICANN's Working Group B; the IETF's ENUM Working Group; the U.S. ITAC-T on ENUM; the North American Numbering Council Toll Free Issue Management Group, and SNAC (SMS/800 Number Administration Committee). I'm a founding member of ENUM Forum and the 1 800 American Free Trade Association, and I moderate TOLLFREE-L.

I'm a featured correspondent and columnist for NewsWeb Daily Business Newspaper. I've also been featured or quoted in The Washington Post, The Industry Standard, ICANNWatch, InternetNews.com, The St. Petersburg Times, World Telemedia 2000, Investor's Business Daily, DIRECT, Washington Internet Daily, InfoWorld, The Dot, Wired, The Roving Reporter, Inter@ctive Week, on24 Financial i-network, DomainNotes, Office.com, Internet News Radio, Target Marketing, eMarketer, Omaha World Herarld, the New Jersey Star Ledger, ISP News, The Discount Long Distance Digest, InternetWorld.de, Catalog Age, Cowles Business Publications' Direct NewsLine, DM News,Telemedia News & Views, Business First, The Audiofax, Call Center Magazine, Ad Age, AIN News, the Infomercial Marketing Report, InfoText, and Book Marketing Digest, and am a frequent contributor to numerous Internet digests.

I strongly advise Internet users to familiarize themselves with the history of Internet governance. "Ruling the Root: Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace" by Milton Mueller is invaluable. ICANNWatch.com is wonderful and contains a wealth of information. Getting up to speed quickly is essential to achieve any measure of self-determination as an Internet populace. Powerful, well-funded forces are at play, and we can't afford to repeat mistakes or reinvent the wheel.

We have a right to vote, a right to information, and an obligation to hold ICANN accountable. My advocacy activity is archived here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=%22Judith+Oppenheimer%22+ICANN.

I am endorsing Joanna Lane, Michael Geist, Ted Byfield and James Love as outstanding candidates for this election.

Judith Oppenheimer
212 684-7210, 1 800 The Expert
Visit 1-800 AFTA, http://www.1800afta.org

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