Jefsey Morfin
Candidate in ICANNATLARGE.COM 11-members Panel Election July 2002

Jefsey Morfin

Candidate Statement

I am JFC (Jefsey) Morfin. Born 1944.

French Naval Academy. Math, Electronic, Business and Civil Administration trainings/degrees (oh! happy days).

Business: project engineering and management, Internet area (

Shared into the birth of the Intlnet (International data network system: US IRCs, Telenet and Uninet - all of us under FCC license and approved rates and members of the US State Department delegation to the ITU - and 55 Foreign State Telecom monopolies, also members of the ITU). Co-managed the namespace until 1986 [as head of Tymnet International/Extended Services]. Approved the delegation of the ".arpa" sub-namespace. Organized the X121 (numeric names and TLDs, as ENUM) of more than 40 countries. Wrote the Root and TLD Best Practices in use by some open root administrators. Operate a test root system. BoD @large candidate in 2000, and in 2001 via the DNSO. Member of the IPC, resigned from the BC to share into the SME creation. Polling Officer of the IDNO. Chair of france@large, moderator of the list. Co-creator of the Eurolinc (European Multilingual Internet Names Council).

I do not believe that ICANN has any other role than the ones specified by Jon Postel in RFC 920: to administer the ".arpa" (legacy) TLDs, to register and relate with the ccTLDs and multiorganization TLDs.

Any form the @larges shape into, it must represent the 600.000.000 users of the Internet near every concerned entity: registry, registrar, ccTLD; gTLD, sTLD, open roots TLD, RIRs, IETF, ITU, Govs, etc. IMHO this would be better achieved through f2f local chapters supporting the global Internet Participant community also in their own place.

I maintain that all this should be free and sponsored by organizations we could enter in mutually rewarding agreements with. This can be press, market survey, training services etc.

I formally oppose any form a organization selection based upon the membership. I am interested in results and in adequacy to the Internet world. Not in feeding the ICANN out of professional, consumer or political organizations interested in trading their support against international meetings alibis. I think that specialized civil/consumer/user right organizations should be sub-sponsored.


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