Hans Klein
Candidate in ICANNATLARGE.COM 11-members Panel Election July 2002

Hans Klein

Candidate Statement

I am Chairman of the Board of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (www.CPSR.org), a mass-membership, public interest organization in Internet-related issues. Within CPSR I direct the Civil Society Democracy Project (www.CivSoc.org), which is dedicated to promoting user representation in ICANN. I am also Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology (www.spp.gatech.edu) in Atlanta (USA), where I research Internet democracy, Internet governance, and government programs to develop technical systems. My personal home page is at: http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~hk28/

My goal in serving on the ICANNatlarge.com Panel is to uphold the 1998 terms of Internet privatization. ICANN was supposed to be an organization in which industry and users together made decisions about Internet policies. Since ICANN's inception, however, industry groups established themselves on the board and have changed the bylaws to weaken and then eliminate authentic user representation. Today, the name "ICANN" is synonymous with just the industry subset of the Internet community. In the words of Lawrence Lessig, ICANN has been captured by industry.

Internet privatization can still be salvaged. Users need to articulate their perspective to the groups that currently govern ICANN. Users also need to express their support to the US Dept. of Commerce for its 1998 policy of Internet privatization, which promoted balance of interests in ICANN.

If elected to the ICANNatlarge.com Panel, I will work to

I have been active in ICANN processes since 1998. My activities include:

I also strongly support the candidacy of Jamie Love.

Hans Klein

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