YounJung Park
Candidate in ICANNATLARGE.COM Interim Panel Election April 2002

YJ Park and Don Quijote

Hello all,

Appreciating people in this forum who voluntarily joined this movement to demonstrate our power to change the Internet Governance model, Let me share my views about the Internet Coordination and experiences with you.

The Under-Represented

Internet Coordination(Governance) is a fancy word for those who cannot even use the Internet. People say we are here to coordinate or set the rules, in other words we are here to colonize the second-settlers or third settlers who are to come to cyberspace. The total number of Internet users are currently around 0.4 - 0.5 billion out of 6 billion people on the globe.

I do strongly believe Internet 10 years from now on will be totally different from
what we know today. The user penetration, the address system, the root server management and etc. We can easily imagine the majority Internet users will come from Asia who are not participating in this self-organizing initiative.

The Internet users in the developing world don't know about this global initiative because they have no luxury to be exposed to the outer world which cost money and take time. Even though people came to know, they realized that it is hard for them to follow up this initiative either because they have to make living first, which is their first priority or because such process is so unfamiliar with them after long histoiry of being governed by the rulers. They forgot how they can self- coordinate themselves without the rulers.

However, I do believe those who have been used to be governed will realize that they are the one who delegated the power to the Congress, the Parliment, the House, the Diet, Presidents, Prime misnisters, Chancellors, Kings, Queens or whatever. I have been in many countries especially here in Asia to let them wake up that they are the one who can change the history. They can delegate the power as they did to those who they can trust or they can even exercise their power on their own.

Non-English Speakers

We are here communicating in English on the cyberspce, which has been barrier to many people in Asia and other regions. Even though globalization syndrome has swept the whole world as well as the cyberspace, we remember why our own cultural heritage needs to be kept and respected as part of our identity. Therefore, in the cyberspace, we have to promote the cultural cyberspace which can allow you to get an access to the web in your own langauge rather than in English.


In the off-line world, some part of the world now excitingly talks about space trip. Some part of the world now agonizingly shivers from the fear from the war. Some part of the world now struggles from the poverty and hunger. Ironically, on the online space, we can see variety spectruum like that. Some part of the space talks about how to regulate this space. Some part of the space is concerned how they can build more Internet infrstructure. Some part of the space is about to be built with wonder.

We are not sure whether we can cover such diverse spectrum of demands and concerns from the space. Therefore, the mission or responsibility of this group is to consider those who are to come to this space leaving more choices for them in the long term with regular review and assessment.

Internet Coordination Experiences

1. Global level

Domain Name Supporting Organization NCDNHC Names Council member
(1999. 8 - 2002. 2)
WG-Review/DNSO Chair
(2000. 12 - 2001. 1)
ICANN Outreach to Ghana, Mauritania, Benin
(1999. 12)
(2001. 1 - 2002. 2)
MINC Outreach Meetings to Pakistan, Jordan, Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, India etc

2. Regional level

AP* Outreach in China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia
(1999 - 2002)
Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Forum(APTLD) Secretariat.
(1999. 4 - 1999. 12)
Asia Pacific Networking Group(APNG) currently Internet Governace, WG Chair,
(2002. 2 - )

3. National level

.KR Name and Number Committee member
(2000 - )

Current Interests

1. ORG Divestiture: To form a non-commercial registry, ORG-Alliance formation
2. Internet Users and Outreach Activities

Hoping I can contribute to this forum by bringing the interests and perspectives from the under-represented, the non-English speaking community in order to achieve fairness on the cyberspace, I would like to end my statement.

Thank you,
YJ Park

Information from: ICANNATLARGE.COM