DNSO Progress Update of January 7, 1999
There have been many e-mails over the last few days re the next steps for the DNSO Application and this posting is an attempt to give some additional clarity.  We are very much committed to a representative, inclusive, open and transparent process and we recognize that we will need to manage this carefully if we are to meet the above goals as well as the filing deadline of February 5th, 1999.

The current draft proposal (VERSION 7), see http://www.dnso.org, built from the items we had reached consensus on through the Barcelona and Monterrey meetings was published three weeks ago.  This will be revised (if necessary) to accommodate any legitimate points of disagreement re; the consensus reached via the meetings held to date.  A new revision ( if necessary, per the above) will be published on the 18th of January on the DNSO web-site.  The responsibilities of the drafting team appointed in Monterrey will end with this document in line with what was previously agreed.  All comments on these proposals should be sent to proposals@dnso.org as soon as possible to ensure that they are included.

A number of additional substantive inputs to the proposal above have come (or are coming) from organizations such as ORSC, INTA, ICC, NSI, etc.  An open meeting has been scheduled by ICC, INTA and a number of other organizations, for the 22nd of January to try and integrate these into one proposal.  Therefore, the DNSO Transition team (working with other parties who have actively participated by submitting substantive comments),  has appointed a new drafting team to prepare a draft proposal for publication on the 12th of January.  It is expected that much of the review of this document will take place before the meeting on the 22nd.  All comments on this proposal should also be posted to proposals@dnso.org. In the case where new and substantive inputs are received from recognized organizations, an individual representing this organization may be asked to meet with the drafting team to clarify any positions or points of integration. 

The drafting team is comprised of: David Maher, Kent Crispin, Theresa Swinehart, Antony Van Couvering and Eberhard Lisse.  Michael Heltzer of INTA has agreed to participate and act as an organizational point of contact for INTA as they have submitted substantive comments.  In order to take advantage of the knowledge institutionalized to date, as well as to ensure broader representation amongst stakeholders, and increase
transparency, those individuals taking part in the previous drafting exercises will be kept on the drafting team as observers (Fay Howard, Amadeu Abril I Abril, Michael Schneider, Nii Quaynor, Kilnam Chon, Bill Semich, Olivier Muron). 

There is a lot of work to be done given the tight deadline and it is expected that much of the integration work will be done prior to the meeting on the 22nd.  This way, the meeting can be used to reach consensus on what should be a small number of remaining open items. Progress will be posted periodically on the DNSO web-site and more information on the process and on next steps will be posted on the web-site in the coming days.

We look forward to your comments and contributions and are confident that we will make the February 5th deadline.