Interim results from GNSO Election of ICANN Board seat 14 February - March 2003


Interim Results from GNSO Election

After the 1st round of voting the following votes were registered:

Michael Palage 14 votes
Alejandro Pisanty 6 votes
Philip Sheppard 4 votes
Barbara Simons 0 votes

Total 24 votes

As Mr Michael Palage had a majority of the votes cast no further rounds were necessary:

Please note that these are interim votes and must be ratified at a GNSO council meeting. Council members are required to check that their vote has been correctly cast using the email voting software.

Information on how each council member voted will be released once the results are ratified. Please note also that a protest has been lodged against the recent election of non-commercial representatives on the GNSO Council. about this challenge is posted at .

The GNSO Council will wait for further information on the protest from the ICANN Secretary before moving to ratify the election result.


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