DNSO General Assembly
Shanghai Meeting, 29 October 2002


Last update: 2002-10-19

This is the current tentative agenda for the last General Assembly of the Domain Name Supporting Organization. The agenda is still subject to possible changes. Please be sure to check this page frequently.

Welcome, Agenda, Historical Remarks

WHOIS Task Force Update

Workshop on Deleted Domain Name Handling

Panel on IANA's zone file access policy

The following session is, technically, not part of the GA, but will take place immediately after the General Assembly and at the same location:

Public Discussion on Transfers of Domain Names

Organized by ICANN in conjunction with the GA, the Transfers Task Force, and the registries' and registrars' constituencies.

There will be a number of occasions during the GA for open discussion of the issues at hand.

Comments and questions can be submitted online via electronic mail to <comments-shanghai@dnso.org>. An archive of the comments received is, of course, available.

Contact: Thomas Roessler <roessler@does-not-exist.org>