GNSO Council Teleconference on 5 June 2003 - agenda

Proposed GNSO Council Agenda Thursday , 5 June 2003

This agenda was established according to the Rules of Procedure for the DNSO Names Council

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 12:00 - see below for local times

Bruce Tonkin will be chairing the GNSO Council teleconference.
Scheduled time for meeting - 60 mins.

Dial-in number sent individually to each Council member.

  1. Approval of Agenda

  2. Summary of last meetings

  3. Motion to recommend to the ICANN Board to adjust the quorum requirements for the GNSO Council in the ICANN Bylaws [15 mins]:

    Council recommends that the ICANN Board change the ICANN by-law relating to quorum in the GNSO (Article X, section 3(8)) from the present text:

    "Members entitled to cast a majority of the total number of votes of GNSO Council members then in office shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business...." with "A majority of the total number of Council members in office, provided that those members are entitled to cast a majority of the total number of votes of GNSO Council, shall constitute a quorum".

  4. Update on the deletes implementation committee [10 mins]

  5. Budget update: [15 mins]

    • - status of constituency payments for 2003
    • - balance of account

  6. Updated GNSO rules of procedure [5 mins]

    • - no comments have been received
    • - schedule for vote at the June meeting

  7. Any other business

    Agenda topics for next meeting (24 June 2003)

    • UDRP policy development
    • ratify election for GNSO Chair
    • approve GNSO rules of procedure
    • approve deletes task force recommendations
    • budget update
  (5:00 LA, 8:00 New York, 14:00 Paris, 21:00 Japan/Korea, 22:00 Melbourne)
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  Paris, France                                (CET) UTC+1+1DST  14:00 
  Jerusalem, Israel                                  UTC+2+1DST  15:00 
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  Auckland, New Zealand                              UTC+12+0DST 24:00
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