GNSO Council WHOIS Task Force Teleconference on 11 February 2003 - minutes


CBUC - Marilyn Cade - Co-Chair
ISCPC - Antonio Harris - Co-Chair
Registry - Ram Mohan
Registrar - Ken Stubbs
Former GA Chair - Thomas Roessler
Former GA additional - Kristy McKee
IPIC - Laurence Djolakian
Non Com Users Constit. - Ruchika Agrawal

Anne-Rachel Inne - ICANN staff Policy Analyst

GNSO Sec - Glen de Saint Géry


Marilyn Cade welcomed Anne-Rachel Inne from Icann and asked each member to present themselves starting with
Anne-Rachel Inne, from Niger is presently a policy analyst on the ICANN staff. She has been involved with ICANN since the ICANN meetings in 2000 in Cairo. She was first a translator and then worked for UTA/Airfrance as sales manager/director of the office in Niger until 1984. Then as an independent consultant, she is a member of the West African Enterprise Network and liaised with the African Business Round Table and has worked for the UNDP, the IICD, the UNECA, and the World Bank. The Francophonie asked her to participate in ICANN as a Francophone expert on Ecommerce on the Business Constituency.

Marilyn Cade proposed the following:
- Discussion on work still to be done
- 3 Issue reports to be posted 14 days before the GNSO Council meeting in Rio de Janeiro
- Should the issue reports be posted all at once
- or at different times giving time for comments?

Task force members were invited to participate in the GNSO Council call February 20, 14:00 UTC, 9:00 am EST.

Present Report
- The report is on the agenda to be discussed at the GNSO Council meeting on February 20, 2003
- Comments received will be incorporated into the report and attached.
- Decide whether there is anything in the comments that will change the report
- Constituency members are responsible for circulating the report in the constituency.
- Constituency impact statement should be provided by each constituency
Registry Constituency - Beck Burr and Ram Mohan
Intellectual Property Interests Constituency - Steve Metalitz and Laurence Djolakian
Commercial Business Users Constituency - Troy Dow and Bret Fausett
Internet Service and Connectivity Providers Constituency - Antonio Harris
Non-Commercial Users Constituency - Ruchika Agrawal to communicate with Harold Feld and Chun
The statements should be short, there is no model.

The WHOIS Task Force will be closed after the issue reports are presented at the GNSO Council meeting in Rio de Janeiro.
There should be a recommendation to the GNSO Council on how further work should be carried out which could be included as part of the issues reports.

Kristy McKee and Ram Mohan reported on the progress made by the group working on the Issues report dealing with searchability and consistency/uniformity of data
Kristy McKee
and Ram Mohan have grouped together as both issues are linked and the background material is the same.
Specific tasks that will make up the issued report have been identified:
- Identification of text from the Registrars Agreement
- Compile relevant comments and summary of comments
- Report on list of guests and collect statistics
- Representative summary of existing services available
- List of recommendations for consideration in terms of policy making.

Team members have been identified.
Guidelines and Timelines have been set out.

The group needed assistance with the compilation of relevant comments on uniformity and searchability, a task previously assigned to Thomas Roessler, but who is presently incapacitated.
Laurence Djolakian volunteered to work with Troy Dow on the comments summary.
Timeline proposed by Kristy McKee for completion of summary: February 25, 2003
Expected publishing time for issues report: March 10, 2003

Marilyn Cade raised the issue of profiling. Consistency and uniformity and searchability with unlimited access could lead to profiling.There had been a misunderstanding that it was all the data registrars had which might include payment information, but, in fact the latter is not in the WHOIS data.
Ram Mohan replied that there could be merit for concern about profiling. If there is uniformity and consistency in the data format then the same photo can be applied across the whole set and protect information far more easily than can be done today.
Marilyn Cade suggested that these points should be raised in the report.
Ram Mohan explained that the PROGREG group focussed oh EPP protocols and CRISP on WHOIS. The PROGREG sent an EPP protocol to the ISG for final comment and the request came back to provide the ability in an automated manner, to have the equivalent of a privacy tag. When the tag is switched on certain information will be kept private, but the sponsoring registrar will always have all the information available. There are differences of opinion within the group whether it should be a policy issue and not be part of a technical protocol.
The ISG has emphasized that it would like to see in the basic protocol that all registries are migrating to, a mechanism that addresses privacy protection concerns.
It is being suggested that it will be mandatory and not optional.
Once there is rough consensus, the IETF working group PROGREG would send it to the ISG for review, and it would go out from the ISG as a draft standard. The end result will be a RSC that defines how the protocol should be implemented.
Once the draft is approved and published as a RSC every registry must adopt it.

It was suggested that some one be invited from the ISG to inform the task force.

Anne-Rachel Inne was to enquire from Louis Touton if he had access to the early submission by the GAC.

Next Calls:

February 18
Invite Scott Hollenbeck or Partik Fälström to participate
Marilyn Cade: contribution of the Eurpoean Commission to ICANN

February 25
Privacy work session led by Ruchika Agrawal
Kristy McKee and Ram Mohan to report back in the second hour.

March 4
Draft documents

Marilyn Cade thanked everyone for participating

The call ended at 12:15 EST, 6:15 CET

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