admin contact has changed (e.g an employee has left the company), and finally the information was provided incorrectly on purpose (this is less common and more difficult to resolve).
  • if no response is received after 30 days the name should be placed in REGISTRAR-HOLD status (or equivalent).  The 30 days allows some flexibility in implementation for the registrar to try alternative means of communication (including international postal mail).  While 15 days could be sufficient in some cases, and 30 days better in other cases, it is easier from an implementation and enforcement point of view to just extend the time to 30 days for all cases.  This is assuming that the data is inaccurate via an oversight from the registrant (the majority of cases) and not a deliberate attempt to provide false information.
  • the registrar can continue to try to contact the registrant using various other means after the name has been placed on HOLD, but normally the registrant of an active name will contact the registrar themselves
  • the name would remain in REGISTRAR-HOLD status until the contact information is updated, or the name is deleted from the registry by the registrar for lack of renewal.  Given that a registrant has not responded to an attempt to use the contact information, the registrar should confirm that the registrant is contactable via the new information that is provided before the name is moved from Registrar HOLD to active status.  This could be done via any of the contact methods (email, telephone, fax, or postal address).
  • this protects the registrant from any attempts at domain name hijacking

    CORRECTION phase