GNSO WHOIS Implementation Committee teleconference on 23 January 2003 - minutes



Registrar - Bruce Tonkin
Registrar - Tim Ruiz
Registrar - Ram Mohan
Registrar - Donna McGehee
Registrar- Elana Broitman
Registrar - Rick Wesson
Registrar - Vincent Chavanis
Registry - Scott Hollenbeck
WHOIS Task Force - Kristy McKee
WHOIS Task Force co-chair - Marilyn Cade
WHOIS Task Force co-chair - Antonio Harris
WHOIS Task Force User - Thomas Roessler
WHOIS Task Force User - Ruchika Agrawal

Notes made from the MP3 recording.

This teleconference was attended jointly by members of the WHOIS task force and the WHOIS Implementation committee under the chairmanship of Bruce Tonkin.
Bruce Tonkin
thanked all the participants for their attendance and comments that had been sent to the list.

Teleconference ended at 21:35 UTC, 8:35 Melbourne time

Next teleconference:
Wednesday 29 January 20:00 UTC, Thursday 30 January, 07:00 Melbourne time.
see: http://www.dnso.org/meetings.html
Dial in details will be sent individually to all the members.

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