DNSO Names Council UDRP Task Force teleconference -

Wednesday 4 December 2002

4 December 2002.

    The conference MPEG3 recording provided by Alix Guillard, DNSO Secretariat


J. Scott Evans welcomed all the participants.

Item 1. Roll Call


J. Scott Evans - DNSO NC IP constituency - Non-voting Chair
Antonio Harris - ISPCP Constituency
Philip Sheppard - Complainant
Michael Palage - Registrar constituency
Caroline Chicoine - IPC representative
Dan Steinberg - GA Member
Tim Cole - NAF Provider
M. Scott Donahey - CPR Panelist
Sarah Deutsch - Business Constituency
Christopher To - Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre
James Carmody - NAF panelist
Ethan Katsh - eResolution panelist


Graeme Dinwoodie - Independent Academic Expert


Item 2. Review of collected materials (Forwarded under separate cover )

This attachment did not arrive due to the size. Will be resent individually to each member.
J. Scott Evans summarised saying that the universe to examine in the next few weeks consists of two areas:

1. 11 papers to be reviewed including Ethan Katsh's memo, a link to Patrick Jones's web site:

2. survey results from the ICANN web site

Item 3: Review of timeline originally proposed by J. Scott Evans

J. Scott Evans proposed a new time line in view of the universe to be studied and consensus was reached in the group.

Preliminary report: March 2003
Presented to the Names Council at the Names Council meeting in Rio de Janiero - ICANN meetings on 22 to 27 March 2003.

Final report: June 2003
Presented to the Board at the Montreal ICANN meetings on 22 to 26 June 2003.

J. Scott Evans proposed the following steps:

1. Circulate the e-mail with the material

2. Division of labour:

Team 1 : Survey work

Team 2 : executive/objective summary of proposals in papers
- interest to work on subjects, groups of two, should be sent to the list within 7 days, December 11, 2002 deadline.
- pull out and plug into the terms of reference, bearing in mind consensus among the group and the stakeholders.
- some papers may be grouped together

3. Identify benchmarks when work has been divided up, after December 11, 2002

If the work progresses more rapidly, stakeholders must be advised of the work in time.

J. Scott Evans will give a progress report at each Names Council meeting.
Group communication, to the members of the team and the Chair, is important and any hindrances to meeting benchmarks should be discussed immediately.

J. Scott Evans appreciated the impetus Prof. Katsh and Tim Cole have taken in moving ahead so quickly.

Item 4: AOB

No reply has been received from Erick Iriate Ahon, representing the ccTLDs on the task force and Ramesh Kumar Nadarajah. ccTLD input is important.

EriK Wilbers, a WIPO Provider representative has expressed interest in continuing.

Dr. Hong Xue from the ADNDRC has been contacted to be panelist and expressed interest.

Ethan Katsh will contact a Prof. at the Montreal law school to participate for eResolutions in the place of Dr. Joelle Thibault.

J. Scott Evans thanked everyone for being on the call.

Next call: TBD when benchmarks have been set

Call ended 10:30 EST


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