DNSO Names Council Teleconference on 14 November 2002 - agenda

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 14:00 - see below for local times

Bruce Tonkin will be chairing the NC teleconference.
Scheduled time for meeting - 120 mins.


  1. Approval of agenda

  2. Summary of last meetings

  3. Issues arising from the Names Council meeting on 29 October 2002

    3.1 Briefing by Louis Touton on implementation of policies (30 mins).

    For background see: http://www.icann.org/legal/briefing-on-implementation-20oct02.htm

    Questions of clarification include the difference between "policy" and "administrative detail", and the level of guidance ICANN staff require to implement a "policy" developed via consensus. For example should a policy state that "there should be a maximum period for a particular action", or should the policy state "the maximum period for an action is 3 days". Note the current registry contracts have many examples of specific administrative detail.

  4. UDRP update - report from J.Scott Evans on next steps (15 mins)

  5. New TLD process - discuss Stuart Lynn proposal (30 mins)

  6. Budget Report (20 mins)
    • current financial status
    • projected position for 31 Dec 2002
    • discuss DNSO budget for 1 Jan 2003 to 30 June 2003, and estimate constituency contributions required for 2003.

  7. GNSO budget planning for 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2004 (20 mins)

    Proposal for initial planning of GNSO budget to be delegated to the Budget Committee.

    Additional Names Council members welcome to join the budget committee for these discussions.

    Possible process:

    • determine desired budget to support GNSO process (including staffing, and administration costs)
    • determine what level of funding would be available from ICANN
    • determine whether GNSO council wishes or needs to obtain additional funding from constituencies to fund any shortfalls from ICANN

  8. Agenda topics for 14 Dec 2002:
    1. transfers task force recommendations - for decision
    2. WHOIS task force recommendations - for decision
    3. 1 Jan 2003 to 30 June 2003 budget and constituency contributions - for decision

  9. Any other business
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