Overdue Invoices - DNSO Contributions

May 14, 2002.

Re: Overdue Invoices - Payment status of DNSO Contributions by Constituencies

Based on the agreed procedure the Names Council has adopted a sanctions program for constituencies who are in delinquent status of their contributions by 60 days which can be found at:

In accordance with the above Names Council decisions this notice appears on the DNSO website after a 60 day period.

In keeping with the agreed procedure notification is being provided of the status of payment of the following DNSO constituencies:

Constituency Amount paid Amount owed
ccTLD constituency $0.00 $13 994.00
gTLD constituency $0.00 $13 994.00
ISP constituency $0.00 $13 994.00
NCDNHC $0.00 $13 994.00
Registrars constituency $750.00 $13 244.00

Regrettably, failure to pay will ultimately result in your voting rights being withdrawn so please take this warning seriously and your payment would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

DNSO Secretariat