Dot ORG Final Report to the ICANN Board
Annex F
Minority report submitted by the Business Consituency

Annex F

F. The Business Constituency Minority Report

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The Business Constituency (BC) support the key policy objectives embodied in the report on the divestiture of .org endorsed by the DNSO Names Council on its audio meeting of 17/1/02.
Having said that, the BC has two remaining issues that we wish to communicate to the Board through the inclusion of this minority view.

The BC would have the ICANN Board note that the BC:

1. Does support restricted access (applied in the least interventionist manner by way of ex-post challenge) to future new registrations as a practical means of defining the constituency of registrants. Similarly, the "Sponsored" model of organization responsible for the domain would seem to provide the best basis for meeting the wish of devolved policy development inherent in the TF's report.

2. Urges the Board to increase competition and diversity and encourage new investment in the provision of gTLD registry services, by ensuring the market position of existing dominant providers are not entrenched nor enhanced through participation in, taking an interest in, or contracting to deliver critical services to, the new .org management organisation.

Grant Forsyth BC Representative on the NC TF on .org