I offer the following resolution about the need for a discussion, aside from the election at hand, about issues and topics such as "rotation", terms of office, etc.

I support Caroline Chicoine's resolution that the NC hold the election for a 6 month term chair; just so there is every disclosure about my personal views, I do support waiving the present rules so that Philip Sheppard can stand for this term. Other candidates may also choose to stand.

The above are explanatory comments. What follows is a new resolution:

The purpose of this post is to propose, separately from the election of a chair for 6 months, that after said election, that the NC should have an extensive discussion about 1)term of office 2) succession 3) rotation as a concept versus qualifications 4)removal of chair 5) whether a vice chair is a good idea and any other related issues

That discussion should be undertaken outside of the immediacy of this election. I offer this as a resolution for consideration at the 2/14 NC meeting.