Names Council Budget Committee
Teleconference on 10 January 2002 - minutes

10 January 2002.
( 11:00 EST, 16:00 UTC, 17:00 CET)

List of attendees
Elisabeth Porteneuve
Marilyn Cade
Antonio Harris
Ken Stubbs
Roger Cochetti
Chuck Gomes
Philip Sheppard
Peter de Blanc absent excused
Vany Martinez absent excused
Glen de Saint Géry
Verification of telephone patch-in for Vany, unable to join


Agenda http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20020110.NCbudget-agenda.html

Administrative Items:

3. New Invoices

a. Roger Cochetti moved that the 4 invoices from AFNIC and Glen be approved.

Decision 1: Unanamous approval of payment of invoices.

b. Request from the Secretariat for an advance of $1900 on the Accra meeting in March expenses.

Motion moved by Ken Stubbs.

Decision 2: Unanamous approval of advance payment

Substantive items:

1. Treatment of Names Council Constituency Payments

How to credit constituency payments: oldest versus newest debts.
The practical implications for the 2 constituencies would be to put them in arrears for 2001 if the oldest debts were paid off first.
If newest debts are paid off first, sanctions could be postponed.

ICANN management has credited towards recent payments, but requires guidance from the Names Council as to the procedure to follow in the future.
- old debts should not be written off
- optimistic attitude that old debts would be paid
- ISP intends to pay old debts.

Motion: Should payments be credited to the oldest or newest debt?
Vote: 3 newest, 3 oldest.
Elisabeth Porteneuve held proxy vote for Peter de Blanc
In the case of a tie, Philip Sheppard who was allowed to vote as an ex-officio member of an administrative committee abstained.
Tony Harris proposed that in the case of a tie, the members not present should be allowed to vote by email.
Roger Cochetti volunteered to contact Vany for her vote by email.
Item left open, no conclusion.

2. DNSO 2002 Budget:

The projected DNSO expenses were treated line by line from the agenda and were adjusted using the figures supplied by the secretariat:

01 Secretariat (including AFNIC and overtime) $65,000
02 Connectivity $1,400
03 Telephone (including 13 teleconferences, physical meeting telephone hook-ups 3pa) $14,121
04 Secretariat travel $8,500
05 Contingency 10% $8,902
  TOTAL : $97,923

The revised budget, divided among the constituencies would amount to $13,989 per constituency.

It was recommended that the $41,000 as carry over be considered as the minimum cash reserve required by ICANN for administrating DNSO funds and that this be presented to the Names Council.

The DNSO requested ICANN to appropiate from its 2002-2003 funds $170,000 to cover the operating expenses of the DNSO for 2002.
It was recommended to go back to ICANN with the revised calculation and that the $170,000 figure should stand as the two budgets are not inconsistent.

4. AOB

Elisabeth Porteneuve raised two points:

1. The contract with ICANN, AFNIC and FISAT

2. Was the $59,000 owed to AFNIC dependent on the IP conditions being settled, or is it to be considered as a bad debt?

It is considered that the Names Council has done its work. It would be appropiate to ask at the next Names Council meeting for ICANN to report on the implementation of the decisions

The meeting ended at 12.35 Washington DC time (18.35 Paris)

DNSO Secretariat