DNSO General Assembly
Basic outline of the voting process
b12, Two motions about ICANN Reform

14 May 2002


  1. Timeline:

    • Begins: Wednesday 15 May 2002, 13:00 UTC
      (06:00 LA, 09:00 New York, 15:00 Paris, 22:00 Tokyo)
    • Ends: Wednesday 22 May 2002, 13:00 UTC
      (06:00 LA, 09:00 New York, 15:00 Paris, 22:00 Tokyo)

      (For local time in other places see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/)

    The results are due no later than Friday 24 May 2002, 16:00 UTC (18:00 Paris), and will be published in http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2002.GA-ICANN-Reform-motions.html

  2. A ballot is prepared.

    A ballot starts with line "BEGIN" and ends with line "END__".

    It is like this:

     b12:KabcdZ:[ ] I vote FOR Motion 1 ("Request to US DoC")
     b12:KabcdZ:[ ] I vote AGAINST Motion 1
     b12:KabcdZ:[ ] I ABSTAIN regarding Motion 1
     b12:KabcdZ:[ ] I vote FOR Motion 2 ("Reform principles")
     b12:KabcdZ:[ ] I vote AGAINST Motion 2
     b12:KabcdZ:[ ] I ABSTAIN regarding Motion 2
    Motion 1. "Request that US DoC hold open competition
               for services now offered by ICANN"
    WHEREAS the Internet Corporation for Assigned names and Numbers (ICANN) has
    dramatically changed the initial terms of reference for ICANN, and is
    proposing even further changes.
    WHEREAS these proposed changes have met extensive opposition in the Internet
    community and go even further from the original terms of reference.
    WHEREAS a new open competition would allow the U.S. Department of Commerce
    (the DoC) to consider both the ICANN Board proposal for restructuring, and
    alternatives offered by others for managing key Internet resources, while
    providing for a public record of the process for enhanced visibility.
    WHEREAS the General Assembly of ICANN's Domain name Supporting Organization
    (the DNSO) also reminds the DoC, that in the Green and the White Paper, the
    Government of the United States made it clear that it intends to withdraw
    from management of the Domain name System (the DNS).
    It is hereby RESOLVED that:-
    The General Assembly of the Domain name Supporting Organization of Internet
    Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) asks the US Department of
    Commerce to have an open competition for the services now provided by ICANN,
    provided that the new competition would address the need to develop an
    international framework for DNS management. An open competition should aim
    to achieve comprehensive privatization and internationalization of DNS
    services, consistent with the need for stability, but also innovation,
    competition and freedom.
    Motion 2. "Basic principles for the ICANN Reform Process"
    Whereas there are certain basic principles which have to be honored
            by an entity coordinating key Internet resources in order to
            gain the trust of the Internet community,
    Whereas these principles include transparent process, broad input into
            policy-making, which must include meaningful individual
            and non-commercial participation, and accountability (including
            independent review of decisions),
    Whereas there is a widespread perception that ICANN is moving away
            from these principles, in particular by stalling or abandoning
            processes for the implementation of an independent review
            system and for participation of the Internet community at
            large in ICANN oversight,
    the General Assembly of the DNSO reminds the ICANN Board that it must
    adhere to these principles in any reform proposal and make it
    sufficiently known how proposed reforms provide improvements regarding
    these principles. Should the ICANN reform process fail to provide
    significant improvements in these regards, it is the international
    Internet community's and governments' task to consider how all of or
    parts of ICANN's responsibilities could be transferred smoothly to one
    or more new or existing organizations which are accountable to the
    international Internet community as a whole, have clearly defined
    missions and are not only under the sole control of a national
    department of commerce, without endangering the stability of the DNS
    or the Internet as a whole. In the meantime, all groups of the Internet
    community are called to deliver their input on reforms needed.
  3. The ballot is assigned a number (first field in a line), here "b12" -- ballot number 12 (it is the twelfth ballot submitted to the GA vote since January 2000).

  4. The ballot is personalised. Each line indicates who is voting.

  5. The second field, here between "b12" and "FirstName_LastName", indicate a personalised code given for this ballot to this person. A personalised code is 6 characters, starting with "K", ending with "Z", here "KabcdZ".

  6. Do not edit the ballot. Just put an "X" between square brackets [ ] if you give your vote to a statement written in a line.

    You have two votes, no more. You can vote for or against both motions, you can vote against one and for the other, you can abstain on either or both.

  7. The ballot will arrive From: "gavote@dnso.org" -- please reply without CC to any list.

  8. You will receive an acknowledgement of your ballot within 48 hours.

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