DNSO Names Council Teleconference 11th October 2001 - minutes

23 October 2001.


Proposed agenda and related documents: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20011011.NCteleconf-agenda.html

List of attendees:

Peter de Blanc                 ccTLD
Elisabeth Porteneuve           ccTLD
Oscar Robles Garay             ccTLD      (absent, apologies, proxy to Elisabeth Porteneuve)
Philip Sheppard                Business
Marilyn Cade                   Business 
Grant Forsyth                  Business
Greg Ruth                      ISPCP
Antonio Harris                 ISPCP
Tony Holmes                    ISPCP
Erica Roberts                  Registrars
Ken Stubbs                     Registrars  
Paul Kane                      Registrars
Roger Cochetti                 gTLD
Richard Tindal                 gTLD       
Cary Karp                      gTLD
Caroline Chicoine              IP
Axel Aus der Muhlen            IP          
Guillermo Carey                IP          
Milton Mueller                 NCDNH
Youn Jung Park                 NCDNH
Vany Martinez                  NCDNH       (absent, apologies )
Louis Touton                   ICANN staff
Theresa Swinehart              ICANN staff
Glen de Saint Géry             NC Secretary
Philippe Renaut                Recording AFNIC

Quorum present at 15:30 (all times reported are CET, which is UTC +2:00 during the summer in the Northern hemisphere)

The conference started late due to logistic difficulties.

Ph. Sheppard chaired this NC teleconference

Agenda item 1: Approval of the Agenda

PhilipSheppard added two items of AOB - subscriptions and IDN.


Approval of summary of last two meetings in Montevideo (8 and 9 September)



Paul Kane moved a motion to adopt agenda and both summaries, seconded by Ken Stubbs:

Decision D1: The agenda and minutes of September 8th and 9th were approved unanimously, no votes against, no abstentions.

Agenda item 2: NC Task Forces

-NC review interim report: Philip Sheppard said that this report was now being circulated for public comment until October 28 when the TF would look at the comments and produce the final report to be submitted to the NC on November 4 2001.

-NC structure TF status: Philip Sheppard will try to issue an option paper for discussion shortly. There have been nominations from all but one constituency. Milton Mueller said that the non-commercial consituency was working on this. The GA is expected to nominate someone shortly.

-IDN TF: It was reported that Elisabeth Porteneuve would be the new IDN TF chair.


-UDRP: Caroline Chicoine reported that they had moved forward on producing a survey, and that French and Spanish translations may be possible. Survey was on target to be ready for the end of the month.


-WhoIs: Paul Kane reported that the committee remains willing and able to do the tasks. More technical data is needed from ICANN and is not yet availble. Louis Tuton said that there have been technical difficulties in data processing but it will be cleared up in the next few days.


-Dot ORG: Milton Mueller reported that the draft is ready for public comment. Discussion followed on the length of the comment period where some members felt that it had been circulated for enough time and the NC should vote on it now, others thought that comments from a wider community were necessary in outreach and this needs time for non-English speaking people, and adequate time is needed for the TF to absorb comments and write a final report. Due to the consultation period and drawing up the necessary reports it was felt that it could not be ready for Marina del Rey. The secretariat is asked to set up a comment list and Milton will recommend a period based on balancing the NC discussion.


-gTLD evaluation group: YJ Park stated that the report would be circulated at the end of the week, then there would be email discussions and a teleconference is planned before the Marina del Rey ICANN meeting.

Action: Set up Public comment list for the dot Org


Agenda item 3: GAC statement on country and geographical names - NC response.

Ph. Sheppard summarised the background leading to the proposed NC resolution.

In discussion a number of small changes were proposed and accepted.

Elisabeth Porteneuve said she understood the GAC decision, that the issue is in essence political and even one of public order.

Council agreed that its involvement in future dialogue on this issue was essential.

A technical clarification was given (ref NC advises 4): early resolvers may produce errors with single and two-letter TLDs.

Concern was expressed that whereas ICANN was created as a private sector organisation and the GAC an advisory commission, GAC seemed to be evolving into a supporting organisation. Thus, ICANN was evolving into a intergovernmental organisation which could bypass its bottom up process.

The following amendments were made to the DNSO Names Council Draft Resolution on GAC:
The Names Council advises:

1. That while it understands the concerns of the GAC, caution should be exercised to avoid a short-term reaction to a problem that is not inherent to dot info.

2.That there is not a full understanding of the implications for suppliers and users of the retrospective action of the kind GAC seeks.

3. That, due to the inherent complexity, the best forum for governments to seek solutions to the problems perceived by the GAC is the existing forum of such intellectual property expertise, namely the inter-governmental specialised UN agency, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) combined with the existing forum for representing the internet community in policy making, the DNSO and other relevant stakeholders.

4. That any technical reasons for the reservation of the two-letter country codes in ISO 3166-1 do not extend to country names.

Philip Sheppard moved a motion to accept the Resolution as amended, seconded by Erica Roberts

DECISION 2: The NC Resolution as amended on GAC was adopted by 20 votes in favour with one abstention from Guillermo Carey.

(Guillermo Carey carried the proxy vote for Caroline, Elisabeth Porteneuve carried the proxy vote for Oscar Robles Garay)

Agenda item 4:Transfers - awaiting Registrars/Registries clarification.

Philip Sheppard stated that the registrars have been voting on a draft documant drawn up by their consituency.

Ken Stubbs updated the situation.
Four registrars could not agree. The registrars have agreed among themselves to deal with the procedural document dealing with relationships between registrars. A vote is being posted among the registrars. If the vote is yes, it will be implemented. The significant issue is how Verisign registrar will deal with it.

In discussion it was agreed that:

- many issues had had some outside input,
- involvement from other constituencies remains important,
- contract disagreements should be resolved outside the DNSO,
- broad policy issues should be resolved inside the DNSO,
- there should be a fast track review by a small Task Force to come to a proposal to put to the NC at Marina del Rey.

DECISION 3: Set up a Task Force, call for nominations within 5 days. Temporary chair: Marilyn Cade. Action Secretariat


Agenda item 5: NC agenda LA meeting - security issues.

Philip Sheppard announced that the ICANN Marina del Rey meeting agenda had been proposed as follows.

Monday 12: devoted to non -security issues, with constituency, NC and GA meetings. The NC meeting will be from 14:00 to 17:00 LA time (CET 23:00).

Tuesday 13: devoted to security issues with external speakers in the morning and work groups on the various issues in the afternoon.

Wednesday 14: plenary session in the morning, constituency meetings and work groups feeding into a second NC meeting in the afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00 LA time (CET 00:00). This meeting will deal with issues arising from security matters and report back to the Board on Thursday.

Thursday 15: ICANN Board meeting

Discontent was expressed that ICANN changed the agenda without broad consultation. While security issues are important, so is the regular ICANN work. Those who want to set up alternative meetings should be helped to do so.

Action: Theresa Swinehart will email the NC on how best to co-ordinate the request for group and constituency meeting rooms.


Paul Kane mentioned that he would post to the list a paper he prepared on drafting of British standards on Security issues in the digital Age that has been adopted as ISO 17799.

Milton Mueller left the meeting at this stage and gave his proxy to YJ Park.


Agenda item 6: Request to recall GA chair, resignation GA alternate chair.

The Intake Committee had received a request from a GA member to recall the GA chair. In the mean time the alternate chair had resigned.

Ken Stubbs, who follows the GA list, asked that this item be forgotten about as there is no consensus. It was established that the last GA chair first election took place in December and then elections took place in March/April of this year (2001). Term of office, one year.

Philip Sheppard stated that Danny Younger should be asked how to deal with the vacancy. One option would be a new election, another that the person who received the third most votes in the last election could be the alternate chair.

Action: Communicate with Danny Younger, GA Chair, on how to deal with the vacancy.


Agenda item 7: Various requests on GA mail lists

Philip Sheppard: Individuals within the GA have asked for certain technical improvements to to be made to the lists. It was agreed to refer these for evauation on feasibility, impact and resource implication to the secretariat once they are fully set up.


Agenda item 8: Marketing of names purporting to be DNS gTLDs - Vany

In the absence of the proposer of this item, it was deferred.


1. IDN

Paul Kane stated that Verisign was moving forward to introduce multilingual names in ways that seemed to be in contradiction to the NC resolution made in Stockholm, 2001. He is concerned that there has been no consultation with the DNSO.

He proposed that the NC should consider a resolution to ask ICANN to ask Verisign to delay these next steps until there is more understanding of the issue and until the IETF has come up with a standard. Stability could be endangered if international domain names are not coordinated across all TLDs.

Roger Cochetti, while agreeing that it has been rushed, pointed out that the Verisign registry plan has been in existence for over a year in the multilingual test bed and that now the move was to the IETF final standard.

Kane disagreed, saying the ACE-ACM-Z encoding system is not a standard and that it is in isolation insufficient to ensure stability.



DECISION 4: IDN task force was instructed to take this issue on board, and come back to Council within a week with a draft resolution to be voted on by e-mail.

2. Dues from other constituencies:

Ken Stubbs requested that the current status of the constituency dues be posted.

ACTION Secretariat to liaise with Budget committee and ICANN on the current status.

3. Paul Kane announced that he will shortly resign from the Names Council but that the Registrars Constituency had not yet held its election to fill his seat. He will not be attending the LA meeting but there will be a proxy in his place. He thanked the Names Council for the time he had spent with them.


Ph. Sheppard closed the meeting and thanked R. Cochetti and VeriSign for sponsoring the call.

17:45 end of call.

Next NC meetings will take place on 12th November at 14:00 LA time(23:00 CET) and 14th November 2001 at 15:00 LA time (00:00CET).


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