Business Plan for the DNSO Names Council 2001-2002

8 January 2001

Draft v4


Resolution from NC meeting November 2000:

1. "The Names Council agrees to the concept of establishing a Business Plan and to establish a Business Plan Task Force (BPTF) to manage the development of a plan for the period 2001-2002 and prepare a draft for approval by the NC at it meeting in March 2001."


1. A mission statement

2. A set of objectives that the NC intends to meet within a given time frame.

3. A set of optimal strategies under each objective outlining the way the objectives will be met.

4. A set of specific actions - the tactics describing in detail how each strategy will be carried out.

5. A set of criteria for the measurement of success.

6. A review and evaluation process.

Mission statement

"To manage a process of consensus building within the Domain Name Supporting Organization and to advise the Board with respect to policy issues relating to the domain name system."

Proposed objectives for the NC 2001-2002

Policy and Board related

1. UDRP.

  1. Review and evaluate the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy and propose changes for consideration by the ICANN Board.

    Timeframe: 2001.

  2. Consider need for further revisions in the light of the 2000 - 2001 WIPO process looking at issues involving domain names and property other than trademarks.

    Timeframe: 2001

2. TLDs.

  1. Review and evaluate the proof of concept of the new TLD registries with respect to their impact on net users and the creation of a stable domain name system with high user confidence. Propose changes for consideration by the ICANN Board.

    Timeframe: 2001.

  2. Review and evaluate the selection criteria and pass-through costs for additional new applicants for new TLDs. Propose changes for consideration by the ICANN Board

    Timeframe: 2002.

3. WhoIs.

    Monitor and advise the Board on policy issues relating to Whois policies.

    Timeframe: 2001-2002

4 ccTLDs.

    Monitor and advise the Board on the dispute resolution and WhoIs policies within ccTLDs.

    Timeframe: 2001

DNSO operation related

5. NC review.

    Identify key initiatives required to improve the functioning of the NC. Propose changes for consideration by the ICANN Board.

    Timeframe: February 2001 to identify and implement by end 2001.

6. NC secretariat.

    Establish a professional secretariat for the NC.

    Timeframe: 2001 first half and on-going.

7. NC funding.

    Resolve long-term funding issue for the Names Council.

    Timeframe: 2001 first half.

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