Cover Letter to the Business Plan for the DNSO Names Council 2001-2002

8 January 2001

Written by: Philip Sheppard

REQUEST TO NC members to consult with their Constituencies

DEADLINE 4 February 2001

At its November 2000 meeting the Names Council established a task force to draft a business plan. In addition the NC:

(a) instructs the Business Plan Task Force (BPTF) to prepare and publish details of a consulting process which sets out a time frame that provides each constituency with the opportunity to contribute to, and comment on, the proposed business plan, and (b) encourages each of the constituencies to comment on, and identify proposed objectives, strategies, detailed actions and measures of success to be incorporated into the draft business plan.

In accordance with this instruction the BPTF attaches http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2001-02.NCbusinessplan.html a draft of the Business Plan. At this stage the draft includes the agreed mission statement and proposed OBJECTIVES.

The BPTF wants to validate those OBJECTIVES. Once that is done the BPTF will write a second version with the revised objectives list and proposed strategies and actions necessary to achieve those objectives.

Please consult with your constituencies and revert to the BPTF at (nc-plan@dnso.org) with comments, suggested deletions and additions, and subject to those comments your approval or rejection of the objectives.

To NC has asked to approve a final Business Plan at its March meeting. In keeping with this timetable please consult with your constituencies and revert to the BPTF latest 4 February 2001.

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