Intake Committee
Preparation of agendas for NC meetings

Preparation of agendas for NC meetings

3 October 2000.

At its 21 September meeting the DNSO Names Council (NC) requested the Intake Committee (IC) to assist it with the preparation of agendas for NC meetings.

The IC invites suggestions for agenda items from the following groups:

Agenda suggestions may be submitted to agenda@dnso.org

In order to give sufficient notice to NC members and to allow time for consultation within Constituencies items must be submitted 21 days before the date of the meeting.

Agenda for 14 November 2000 NC meeting

We welcome your input now and up to 24 October 2000 for the Names Council meeting of 14 November 2000. Other dates and time limits will be announced once the schedule of meetings is fixed.

Names Council Intake Committee

Philip Sheppard, Caroline Chicoine, Paul Kane, Y J Park, Michael Schneider.

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