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REPORT TO NC of current status on WG C

STATUS REPORT, WG-C, from Jon Weinberg
February 14th, 2000

      I have posted a summary of the comments on the WG-C interim report at

      The WG is developing a list of eight issues that must be resolved before
ICANN can introduce new TLDs; they are listed at
http://www.dnso.org/wgroups/wg-c/Arc01/msg00610.html.  The issues include
matters that we have already addressed (e.g., "How should ICANN proceed
with the initial deployment of new gTLDs? How large should that rollout
be?"); issues that we are currently addressing (e.g., "Must a new gTLD have
a ‘charter' reflecting a specialized purpose?"); and issues we have yet to
address directly as a group (e.g., "What further conditions relating to
trademark-domain name issues, if any, should be satisfied before new gTLDs
are introduced?  In particular, should ICANN postpone the introduction of
new gTLDs until after completing its deliberations on the "famous marks"
issue currently before WG-B?").

      We are conducting a straw poll on the issue of chartered TLDs.  I am
soliciting volunteers for a committee to develop a reference model
detailing different possible structures for the ICANN-registry-registrar
relationship.  I am drafting a document explaining the thinking (pro and
con) behind the WG's conclusions on the desirability of new gTLDs and the
nature of the initial rollout.

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