DNSO General Assembly
Voting rules

21 June 2000


Version 0.4

Supersedes Version 0.3

These are the rules for voting in the General Assembly.

  1. A vote begins when the Chair approves a ballot.
  2. The ballot is sent to the registered GA voters by the Secretariat.
  3. The typical amount of time given to reply to a vote is one week.
  4. In the case of a choice between multiple alternatives, the alternative with the most votes wins.
  5. In the case of selecting N candidates from a slate of M, with N < M, the N top candidates win.
  6. A runoff ballot may be held if the number of votes for two alternatives is equal, and this affects the result. Only the two alternatives involved are inclulded on a runoff ballot.
  7. In the case where the question is a new rule or rule change for the GA, the number of votes in favour of the winning alternative must be at least 2/3 of cast votes, with a minimum number of cast votes being the lower of 20% of the registered voters or 100 votes.
  8. The voters are those who are registered as voters when a vote is first sent out.
  9. The voting roster and a method to register for vote are available in http://www.dnso.org/secretariat/rosterindex.html

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