DNSO General Assembly
Rules for registering to vote in the General Assembly of the DNSO

19 April 2000

The following rules are suggested for the initial GA voting roll:

The following template is sent to the address ga-voting to apply for membership:

To: ga-voting@dnso.org

FirstName         : (your First Name here, as you wish it to be written)
LastName          : (your Last Name here, as you wish it to be written)
Country           :
City (OPTIONAL)   :
Company (OPTIONAL):
Constituency (OPT):

I wish to be registered in the voting registry of the DNSO GA.
I agree that my name and country of residence, and city, company and
constituency info, if I supplied it, can be made public.

The procedure for dealing with fraudulent registrations is very similar to that for multiple registrations on the GA discussion list:

The decisions of the GA List Monitor can be appealed to the GA Chair.


  1. Once the membership function is established, these rules should be confirmed, amended or replaced by a vote.
  2. Once the membership function is established, the office of list monitor should be elected by the membership; it should also be more than one person, IMHO. The text above on this subject is intended as the interim measure.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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