Domain Name Supporting Organization

Committee E

  Global Awareness and Outreach

Draft Report to be reviewed by the Names Council


Committee E Global Awareness and Outreach - second draft report (for discussion)

1. DNSO General Assembly(GA)

(a) Target

There are around 200 people on GA mailing lists; ga@dnso.org and 
announce@dnso.org.  Additionally, there are around 300~400 people on 
constituency mailing lists.  They join GA for

	- WG/Committee participation
	- Nomination of DNSO member of ICANN Board
	- Information exchange

We need to analyze these numbers(200+400) with respect to region, and interest
area. We also need to increase these numbers to 1000 or more.(1000 + 1000 are

GA members are expected to actively participate whereas ICANN At-Large members
are primarily passive except for the ICANN board member election in the
initial phase.

(b) Awareness

We need to develop introductory materials on

	Constituencies and Members

They shall be posted at the relevant websites.  No introductory materials
(presentation materials and full text materials) are readily available now.
Some of the constituencies do not have their websites at all.

We also need to give seminars and tutorials on these topics as well as 
providing video and FAQ.  We may consider hiring professional public relation
agencies to carry on these efforts in addition to volunteering efforts.

(c) Outreach

We are at 500~600 members at GA, whereas there are over 10 million domain
name holders and over 100 million Internet users in the world.  Thus, we
need extensive outreach effort.  The effort has to be done with consideration
of geographical, cultural, economical, and legal diversities among others.  

The geographical diversity is important as there are severe mismatch between
population distribution and member distribution, in particular in Asia and

The cultural diversity is equally important as the ICANN/DNSO activities
are equally biased in favor of English.  Translation of the relevant 
information materials in timely manner is critically important.  Effort such 
as AP Internet Seminar Tour, which visits many cities in Asia-Pacific is very
important.  Good seminars at regional and global meetings are also important.

The economical and legal diversities shuold be also considered.
Other diversity such as sex, age, profession,.... are also important,
and should be addressed regarding their outreach effort.

2. Constituency

(a) Target

ccTLD Constituency

	Administrative contacts are the primary target with technical contacts
	and policy groups are the secondary target.

Commercial/Business Constituency

	Large, small, and individual enterprises are to be considered.

gTLD Constituency


Intellectual Property Constituency

	Intellectual property associations as well as individuals as
	defined in its charter area to be considered.

ISP and Connectivity Service Constituency

	Members as defined in the charter are to be considered.

Non-Commercial Constituency

	Various non-commercial organizations as defined in its charter are
	to be considered. 

Registrar Constituency

	As specified in its charter, registrars of ccTLDs as well as gTLDs
	are the target.

(b) Awareness

Many constituencies do not have even introductory information materials, and
they should be developed immediately.  Various seminars and tutorials
would be needed.

(c) Outreach

All constituencies need good outreach programs as constituency participation
is very skewed; geographically, culturally, and economically.

Remark(1) ICANN

ICANN is also working on the global awareness and outreach, in particular
through its At-large membership.  The efforts at ICANN and DNSO should be
coordinated to be effective and to be complimentary.  ICANN is more general
and plans to outreach more, whereas DNSO is more specific and plans to
outreach to specialists.  

ICANN need to increase the ICANN members to 5000 or more by the next spring
when the ICANN At-large Board members election takes place.  They may 
partially come from DNSO General Assembly members as well as those of
ASO and PSO.

Remark(2) Finance

Much of the outreach and awareness activities may require financial support, 
and volunteer effort may not be sufficient.  We need to identify the
requirement of the financial need first, followed by the financial source
identification.  It is expected that each organization, ICANN At-large Member
Organization, DNSO General Assembly, and DNSO Constituency, to come up with
the necessary financial arrangement.

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