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ccTLD registries, Agenda for Santiago meeting, August 23th 1999

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        This is the latest agenda (already sent twice to ccTLDs)

 DRAFT          DRAFT           DRAFT           DRAFT           DRAFT

 ccTLD Open Meeting Announcement                                1999.8.10

 Date:  1999.8.23       14:00 - 18:00
 Place:  Santiago, Chile
         (Auditorium, FACEA http://www.reuna.cl/icann/#FACEA)

 Draft Agenda

 1. Berlin Meeting: Minutes and Matters Arising

 2. Report from the Open ccTLD Meeting in San Jose

 3. Administration Committee Report

 4. ccTLD Interim Names Council Members Report

 5. Financial Report

 6. DNSO Names Council Working Groups/Committees:  Report and Discussions

      Working Group A - Dispute Resolution Policy
      Working Group B - Famous Trade-Marks
      Working Group C - New gTLDs
      Committee D -     Business Plan and Internal Procedures
      Committee E -     Global Awareness and Outreach.

 7. ccTLD Study Group:  Report and Discussions

      Study Group on Dispute Resolution and Famous & Well Known

 8. Other Study Group Candidates: Discussions

      Root Stability and Y2K Issues
      The ccTLD Relationship with ICANN
      RFC 1591 / ICP 1
      The Management of the Root
      New gTLDs (DNSO Working Group C)
      ccTLD Registrars
      DNSO Business Plan (DNSO Committee D)
      "Domain Name Tax"
      Individual Members (ICANN At Large, DNSO General Assembly)

 9.  Next Meeting - Los Angeles ICANN Meeting, 1999.11.1-4

     Meeting Schedule
     Secretarial Support

 10.  Any Other Business

 11.  Close
 DRAFT          DRAFT           DRAFT           DRAFT           DRAFT

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