Committee D

Business Plan and Internal Procedures

July 23rd, 1999.

 Administrative issues and Charter

Administrative issues

  1. This note and charter has been posted on the DNSO website (dnso.org), sent out to the GA listserve, and directly to those who’ve indicated interest in this Committee.
  2. Anyone can participate, please indicate interest to the co-chair who will sign you up.
  3. The designated provisional Names Council co-chair is Theresa Swinehart (Theresa.Swinehart@wcom.com) (Business constituency). The members of the Committee need to elect someone to share the co-chair position. After posting, a one-week period will be provided to all interested parties in the Committee to select a co-chair. Nominations should be sent to the DNSO secretariat, with a copy to Theresa Swinehart. The nominations will be circulated at the end of the one-week period, and the working group will be asked to elect and send their selection to the DNSO secretariat, which will announce the co-chair.
  4. Two groups will be created within Committee D (see charter). If you wish to join Committee D, please indicate in which of the two groups (or both) you are interested in participating. (There is currently one listserve for Committee, 2-subgroup listserves will be created for the two sub-groups to conduct their work shortly.) Each group has responsibility to prepare suggested recommendations after nomination and election of the co-chair. These recommendations will be posted to the website for public comment period, following which they will go back to the respective two groups for incorporation of comments. Once comments are incorporated, recommendations sent to the NC for review.
  5. The time frame is as follows:
  • July 23: Posting of Committee D charter
  • July 26-August 2: nominations of co-chairs
  • August 2-3: Election of co-chair
  • August 4-August 19: work on recommendations (for Group 1, first priority is the WG procedures)
  • August 19: Posting of recommendations for public comment



Pursuant to the ICANN Bylaws, the Supporting Organization’s procedures for developing recommendations must be arrived at through fair and open processes. The DNSO NC shall adopt procedures and policies it sees fit to carry out and manage the consensus building process of the DNSO. For this, a process for procedures should be established.

The administrative and operational costs of the DNSO shall be funded by the DNSO participants in a manner to be determined by the NC and the costs of GA meetings fall within the responsibility of the DNSO. A business plan needs to be established to ensure full and efficient functioning and transparency of the DNSO and its responsibilities.

Group 1: Process and Procedures of the DNSO

    • Prepare Working Group and Public Consultation Procedures
    • List-serve Procedures
    • Procedure for review of Working Group, Committee, or Proposals received

Group 2: Business Plan of the DNSO

    • Secretariat: Does the DNSO need a secretariat to maintain the website, central point of contact, organize conference calls and person to person meetings of the DNSO?
    • Overall Budget of DNSO: The DNSO needs to determine a budget to cover the basic costs of webhosting, webcasting, teleconference calls, etc. A budget needs to be based on equitable distribution, and input by all participants.
    • Websites and Listserves: How can the DNSO website be most effective, and simple to use. How can it be best maintained to be most effective and useful? How could listserves be most effective for constructive and open dialogues and input?
    • Meetings: How to best organize person to person meeting and teleconference meeting procedures. Is webcasting useful, necessary, unnecessary, could it be more effective to bring greater value to all and justify its expense?

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