Agenda for DNSO Names Council Teleconference on July 12th, 1999

July 7th, 1999.

Chair: Amadeu Abril i Abril (temptative)

1) Approval of the agenda. Inclusion of LAST MINUTE items.

2) Progress report on WG A (Jonathan Cohen, Amadeu Abril i Abril) . Decision on actions to be taken if there has not been enough time to finish the WGs report.

2b) Draft resolution concerning the registration or transfer of domain names subject to dispute resolution proceedings (Ted Shapiro)

3) Status report on WG B (Jonathan Cohen)

4) Selection of a Chair for WG B.

5) Status report on WG C (Javier Sola)

6) Selection of a Chair for WG C.

7) Status report on Committee for Preparation of procedures for WGs. (Committee F, Bill Semich)

8) Status report on advances on Committees D (??) and E (??)

9) Selection of Chair(s) for the Santiago GA meeting and pNC meeting

10) Status report on Non-commercial constituency.


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