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[comments-whois] changes to WhoIs database


[1] Does whois data need to be accurate ?

Yes. I've recently spent a couple of weeks tracking
down a con-man who operated a fraudulent internet
services company in our small rural area. With the
aid of google and whois, I was able to put together
a timeline that documents 3 years of such activities
by that person. His total take comes to several
hundred thousand dollars.

Without the whois database, my ability to figure out
a timeline of this guy's crimes would've been nearly

whois is a vital component of the web. It provides
a minimal level of accountability. Without an accurate
whois directory, the web will become a prime location
for criminal activities. 

[2] Should whois data be available in bulk ?

I'm not so sure about that, due to the existence of spammers.

However, what I am sure about is that there should be
a web services (XML-RPC preferably, SOAP as a 2nd choice)
for automating whois queries. 

By limiting that interface to one query at a time, spammers
might be deterred.


Stan Krute
Soda Mountain Co.

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