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[comments-whois] WHOIS task force comments


My main concern is that domains should not generally be deleted after
15-days if they are found to be inaccurate, as it might not allow sufficient
time to investigate the alleged inaccuracies. In many cases, the registrant
might be unable to respond merely because they were on holidays, or ill, or
for other legitimate reasons, and not because the information was false.
Domains should go on hold for at least a few months before being deleted.
Verification by a single email is not sufficient (there should be enough
time to allow multiple emails, and also letters and/or phone calls). Some
registrars might want to outsource this verification process, to allow for
economies of scale and shared expertise.

I think one possible solution to this issue is to allow registrars to put
clients on a "white list" for their domains, that are verified to be
accurate. Thus, registrants who are actively verifying their registration
data, perhaps on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, will have no worries
about their domain holdings. Furthermore, they should be allowed to do this
in bulk for all their domains with one click, instead of having to do it for
each and every domain individually (for domain holders with hundreds or
thousands of domains, it would be quite time consuming to click for each
one). Assuming the WHOIS data is identical across registrations in their
portfolio, this should be sufficient to establish legitimacy of their
contact information.


George Kirikos

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