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[comments-whois] Ironically mumbai is about to be affected


Ironically just as an addtl note - a lot of domain names will have
inaccurate phone numbers for a long time to come from bombay.

All of bombay is changing its telephone number - converting it from a 7
digit number to an 8 digit number. I know for a fact that a large number
of registrants will NEVER think of making this change to their whois
info. Considering that atleast 20% of people change their email
addresses every year - we will have a large number of domain names
registered in bombay who will be contactible only through POSTAL MAIL.

Personally knowing the bombay postal department - you wouldn't get any
back and forth communicatioon thru within 15 days for sure.

Just noting a situation which is possible considering current whois task
force reccommendations.


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