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[comments-whois] Re: Whois Task Force Interim Report

> I completely object.

ross. while i agree with you on the fact that indeed other registrars should 
comment on the doc - i do believe that michaels effort is commendable and 
far more productive than the mail you just sent out. if you could take out 
time to pen out this long a mail objecting against michaels doc, im sure you 
could pen out some alternative solutions and suggestions yourself (unless 
offcourse you have NO objections to the entire document of the whois task 

> Further, the comments that in the paper you reference are neither useful nor
> instructive for the task force. While the *concerns* in most cases are valid

i believe listing down the concerns is a step itself - considering EVERY 
other registrar (including myself) never really bothered to even list down 
concerns - while everyone i spoke with did unanimously agree that the whois 
task force document did have several non-feasible and impractical 

> substantive alternatives and suggestions, it is likely that they will just
> dig in their heels around the current recommendations.

i agree with this. we need to propose alternatives for several of the 
concerns. this point is actually quite valid - considering that the concerns 
exist in the first place because the whois task force themselves did not 
have any alternatives. i am not saying that they have not put in effort. it 
is just that we as registrars do come in contact with Customers far more 
than the members of the whois task force do, and therefore realise the 
practicality as well as feasibility of solutions proposed by them. we would 
also be aware of feasible alternatives since we have been implementing them 
in our day-today practices 

however the list of concerns in mikes doc is quite exhaustive and that 
allows discussion arnd possible alternatives ...... 

additionally it is important that registrars send in their comments abt 
specific issues to the whois task force list. i am sure the last thing we as 
registrars, as well as all the members of the task force want is to 
implement a policy which is not feasible requiring a back to the drawing 
board scenario. 


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