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[comments-whois] Consumers need Protection from VeriSign

I am offering my comments to this committee in hopes that some strict measures can be taken to protect consumers from the unethical practices of a Registrar such as VeriSign, Inc. (Read below):
Please be advised that your Macromedia Flash Player 6 Security Warning pop up Window, offering a free download, is being used by VeriSign as a source of harassment, interfering with my Internet usage.
I have been experiencing this security warning pop up window frequently popping up,  numerous times over the course of a minute's time, frequently since this summer. It was at that time that I contacted VeriSign for a domain name transfer because of a complaint I had with the company. Since that time this harassment tactic has been taking place.
I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding this matter and will also alert ICANN, as well as the Department of Justice. I have had enough of this type of unethical business practices engaged in by this company.

The Security Warning Window pop-up includes the following info: Do you want to install and run the Macromedia Flash Player 6, a free download,  the leading rich client for Internet content and applications across the broadest range of platforms signed on 7/31/02 8:43 am and Distributed by Macromedia, Inc. VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2001-4 CA.

Additionally, just to show you how aweful they are, please read a recent e-mail describing their latest tactics:
Attention VeriSign:

Your online outbound Confirmation verification of the transfer request form is misleading and only gives consumers the option to stay with VeriSign. Within the design, the "Confirm All" Button, confirming the transfer, was already indicated. Written under the diagram is "Please click the "Submit" Button to continue with the Change Registrar Process. Click the "Cancel" button to stop the process." Just below that is an empty check box, with the phrase, "By confirming this transfer request, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the VeriSign Service Agreement." (the words VeriSign Service Agreement is highlighted as a link)
But when the User presses the "Submit" button, another window pops up which states, "You must agree to the terms and conditions of the VeriSign Service Agreement before proceeding - and includes an "OK" button to indicate." You have to press the okay button to clear that window. But every time you press the "Submit" Button this window pops up again. Of course, the User does not want to check the box that says, " Buy confirming the transfer request, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the VeriSign Service Agreement, because they want to change. So after a number of unsuccessful attempts at trying to press the Submit button, you press the Reject all button and Submit, and then the User has canceled the request. Which ultimately gives VeriSign the desired outcome.            


But the continued use of Macromedia Flash Player 6 Security Warning pop up window, disrupting my Internet usage every few seconds is Intentional Interference and I am seeking relief from their actions. Whatever ICANN could do to stop VeriSign from engaging in these unethical, harassing business practices, interfering with consumers Internet usage and providing misleading online forms, designed to force consumers to stay with them, when they desire to change their Domain name Registrar. Please help me to change my domain name registrar to Domain Bank before the expiration date of 11/22/02 (RAFT-INC.ORG). VeriSign is intentionally rigging its online outbound form to cancel my request. I believe they will continue this activity to cause me to lose my Domain Name registration, if I don't renew with them. This is a form of harassment, an abuse of power, against consumers who wish to depart. Having to constantly re-submit the information with the new registrar, process your credit card again, and then encounter VeriSign's online form at the end, that does not allow you to just submit the confirmation, but is designed to keep you in bondage to them. This is awful, how they are handling consumers. They are like a company of online Terrorists. Someone, please help!!! I don't want to lose my Domain Name, but I don't wish to stay with VeriSign, Inc... There needs to be some consequences for these companies. Their Service Agreements give them too much protection at the expense of consumers, who are paying and just want good service.

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