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[comments-whois] Updating your own whois information ... Registrant perspective

As Registrant of several domain names and IP block addresses 
I used to manage them in an efficient way with my NIC-handle. 

What is a NIC-handle? It is a nickname, such as EP32-RIPE, 
corresponding to myself, my name, address, telephone, email. 
When I change any of those, I update my NIC-handle once. 
Subsequently all domain names and IP addresses, which refer to 
myself by my NIC-handle get updated in one, unique action. 
Well, it should be this way, but nothing has ever been done for 
Registrant. What is described above is the old good time.

Today I do not have a NIC-handle with accurate information 
anymore. It became impossible to have one unique NIC-handle, 
all Registries and Registrars give you their own NIC-handle.
Worst, I could not find a way to correct my old own NIC-handle 
for several .com/.org/.net names I can have. If I touch it, 
it will create as much NIC-handles, and as much headaches as 
domain names I have. Then I will have to spent hours to manage 
it and update it, and, no doubt, one day I will loose it. 

In summary do not blame me because information concerning myself 
is not updated in WHOIS database. Give me means to have updates
easy and efficient for myself. 
Why a question on updating my NIC-handle is not a compulsory
one on every Registrar/Registry web site? 

Elisabeth Porteneuve

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