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[comments-wgb] Sunrise Plus 20 = 20 million new domains...

Big companies control ALL popular generic terms, like monopoly.com toothpaste.com(which isn't even live) etc.
Everyone forgets that PG registered hundreds of domain in 93-95 when everyone was only allow to have 1 domain. hmmm...
Big business gets bigger, the little guy gets nothing.
There are over 220 TLD's enough is enough. .ws .cc. .to .tv .fm .am and more good tld's exist.
And why would any company be allow to own a .per ???
Make a TLD that individuals can own to do what ever they want regardless of trademarks.
The +20 sunrise is very stupid. Who ever owns a dot will only get a TM on it and demand the .web .shop etc. to match it.
And why would NorthernLight.com automatically get the .web and .shop but my company not get realtimeinternet.shop when available???
FBI fell over them selves for
Also the FBI only protects someone who has money, I had BusinessPeople.com taken from me and the FBI agent Russel Fox in indianapolis said since they only owe you $1820.00 it is too litte for us, even though they forged electronic signatures. 
Anthony Peppler