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[comments-wgb] Comments on Sunrise Plus Twenty proposal


Wells Fargo & Company supports a mechanism, such as the * Sunrise Plus
Twenty* proposal, which will reduce the number of cybersquatters that we
have to deal with after the new top-level domains ("TLDs") are available.
We have dealt with far too many cybersquatters and have spent far too much
money trying to stop them.  Any mechanism that allows Wells Fargo to
register "Wells Fargo" domain names before all of the cybersquatters will
save us thousands of dollars.    

Wells Fargo is a diversified financial services company.  We are the 7th
largest financial services company in the U.S., with $218 billion in assets,
103,000 employees and 5,310 "stores" in North America.   Please contact me
if there is any other information that you need from me.

Carrie A. Hefte
Wells Fargo & Company - Law Department
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