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[comments-wgb] Comments to Working Group B Report

I strongly support providing some form of protection for either well-known 
marks or trademarks in general in connection with the introduction of any new 
TLD.  The reality is that people will attempt to register any domain name 
they think might drive traffic to their site or that might result in 
obtaining some money.  Look at what has happened with the .CC domain and 
others like it.  Numerous well known marks have been registered in that 
domain and not by the trademark owners.  In the .net, .org, and .com domains 
the problem has become enormous.  I know of several companies that have found 
thousands of domain names containing their well known marks.  Many are not in 
use, but this simply means the companies have to monitor them.

ICANN should clearly provide a way for trademarks owners to prevent the 
problem from growing when new TLD are introduced, regardless of whether they 
are chartered or not.