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[comments-wgb] Why bother with the obsolete legacy roots anyway?

gTLDs have been in existence for many years on the public network and the
debate surrounding whether ICANN will enter them into the legacy root
servers is a moot point. These TLDs have and will continue to operate
commercially regardless of whether they are rubber stamped by ICANN.

The Existing Root Server Confederations such as ORSC, IRSC, PRN, NARSC, and
the SuperRoot Consortium have been working even more closely together over
the past few years and the imminent release of a new open and shared
registry system allowing registrants to register domains under any of the
existing TLDs managed by these authorities will continue to find even more
large ISPs resolving their DNS from these RSCs.

The legacy roots at ROOT-SERVERS.NET will continue to move into the
background as their relative significance resembles more and more that of
the ccTLD roots, since the majority of TLDs they service such as .COM, .EDU,
.NET, AND .ORG are relegated to their appropriate place in the domain name

For more information, and to register under these other TLDs, visit the
PacificRoot Network (PRN) at http://www.pacificroot.com or

Other sources of information can be found by visiting
http://www.open-rsc.org, http://www.irsc.ah.net, and