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[comments-wgb] Trademark Protection is the responsiblity of the court system!!

I must say, I have read through all of the comments that were for the Sunrise Proposal...most of the comments were from legal counsel or trademark holders......  Not one of them cited a legal precendence that would bolster the arguement for this proposal...Most of the emails simply stated that they were for it because their clients (trademark holders) would suffer as a result of new gTLD's in the market...hmmm....I would suspect the trademark holders would have  some cause for alarm in new gTLD's coming out.....but putting "artificial" mechanisms in place to satisfy a particular group is more detrimental to the entire system because your taking the court system out of the process.  Trademark holders and large corporations generally take up more names than do most cybersquatters as they have unlimited payment abilities to secure the "so called" protected names. 
Again I want to reiterate my position:  I am for helping trademark holders...(IF you are a trademark holder).I would even venture to guess you don't think the Sunrise Proposal will really help you, rather you support it because it is the only thing that is out there...Well, let me tell you, if your in this group...take a look at my proposal:  http://www.dnso.org/dnso/dnsocomments/comments-wipo/Arc01/msg00012.html
Now there is a solution to the problem...You know you have the right solution when it leaves no doubt in your mind your property will be protected...anywhere...anyplace....The Sunrise proposal, again as I have always said, has tried to make a stab at the problem...but come on...You as a working group can do better for trademark holders than the Sunrise Proposal (without circumventing the court system) can you????  We will see...July 2000...
Greg Krajewski (Technology Inventor)
Belle Fourche, SD