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[comments-wgb] "Sunrise Plus Twenty" Proposal


As the proprietor of many famous trademarks, my company is anxious that the
creation of new TLDs should not be at the expense of the protection
currently afforded to these important marks.  It is vital that steps be
taken to help prevent as much as possible cases of cybersquatting which, as
we all know, is a plague at this point in time!

In the circumstances my company is in favour of a mechanism such as the
"Sunrise Plus Twenty" proposal which, hopefully, should minimize the risk of
new TLDs infringing its trademark rights, although I have serious doubts as
to the necessity for trademark owners to register 20 variations - in
addition to their marks - as domain names.  Having said that, the idea of
being allowed a 30-day period within which my company would be able to
register its marks as domain names on a discounted, first-come-first-served
basis, in a new commercial top-level domain before it is opened to the
general public is extremely appealing and has our full support.

I trust,  therefore, that this proposal will be pursued and will eventually
lead to an improvement on the current situation.  Trademarks are entitled to
an adequate protection and this goes some way towards achieving this goal.


Charles Huguenin
Trademark Department

* B-217     * +4121 924 3394
E-mail charles-andre.huguenin